Lisa Mecham

Lisa Mecham
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“Mother Knows Best” in The New York Times: Tiny Modern Love, 2018

“Only the Lonely” in The Best American Essays 2018: notable essay

“Only the Lonely” in Not That Bad, 2018

“My Family Is an Arranged Constellation” in The On Being Project, 2017


“Weird Words” in Pidgeonholes, 2019

“This Bountiful Weaning” in Pidgeonholes, 2019

“What We Can’t Tell the Children” in Pidgeonholes, 2019

“Where the Sea is Called the Sound” in Pidgeonholes, 2019

“Baptism” in Pidgeonholes, 2019

“Sanctuary” in Pidgeonholes, 2019

“Grafting” in Tinderbox, 2018

“Time as a Line” in Glass Poetry, 2018

“Since The Catastrophe” in Entropy, 2018

“Asylum Anywhere” in Vinyl, 2017

“Revising It Into Something I Can Bear” in The Shallow End, 2017

“Motherfucker” in Booth, 2017

“To Bear Life” in The Collapsar, 2017

“It Might Hurt” in Drunk in a Midnight Choir, 2017

“Lifecycle of a Bruise” in Drunk in a Midnight Choir, 2017

“Forgetting is Another Kind of Extinction” in Tishman Review, 2016

“Trespassing” in Tishman Review, 2016

“There’s No Way to Arrange It” in BOAAT, 2015

“Neurology” in BOAAT, 2015

“At the Foot of the Unmade Bed” in Bodega, 2014

“What Remains” in Carve (print only), 2013

“Jetsam” in Chaparral, 2013

“Reservoir” in Emerge Literary Journal, 2012


“Attachment Theory” in Lost Balloon, 2018

“Monsters” in Proximity, 2017

“Under the Stars: Remaking a Family” in Catapult, 2017

“Only The Lonely” in Big Truths, 2016

“Dog Rope Self Love” in Barrelhouse, 2016

“Reckoning” in Midnight Breakfast, 2015

“Projection” in Cheap Pop, 2014

“A Long Walk Through Belmont” in Digital Americana, 2013


“No Names Left To Say” in The Molotov Cocktail, 2017

“All Roads Lead Home” in Amazon’s Day One, 2016

“May You Be Like Sarah” in Lumina (print only), 2016

“Exposure” in Mid-American Review (print only), 2015

“Deluge” in Midwestern Gothic (print only), 2015

“Asylum” in Juked, 2013

“Detritus” in Barrelhouse (no longer available), 2013

“You Get What You Get” in The Drum, 2012